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The Winding Reign (eBook)

The Death of a Socialite (eBook)

Endangered Souls (eBook)

A Nomadic Exchange (eBook)

  • 39 poems addressing the emerging tensions and beliefs in today's society and how opposing traditions are forced to live beside each other in relative peace.

Captivate Renaissance (eBook)

  • Captivate Renaissance is divided into two parts. Tales of Hardship looks at how Ireland was before the economic boom.  It is a melancholic, cruel and unforgiving environment that offers no comfort to the reader as there is little or none to be found. It is dark, threatening and potentially dangerous. Songs of Virtue opens the doors to a multicultural mood of optimism and curious wonder. It is light hearted and playful but there is a resonant echo of deep scarring that refuses to let things go and allow itself to heal.
  • 66 pages