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The Project Syndrome is a Creative Arts Website that spans over fifteen years of creative work by the Artist and Web Author, Edmund Buckley  Included in the collection are works of Fine Art, Poetry, Photography, Novels, Short Stories, Films, Documentaries & Music.  The collection acts as a chronological blue print that traces the early stages of development of Subliminal Expressionism that is original to the artist and web author of The Project Syndrome.

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  1. Hola y gracias por este blog es una verdadera inspiración ..

  2. Seu blog é um sucesso, muito completo. Ahhh quando a paixão está lá, tudo é 🙂 Tamara Murry Shaddock

  3. I just started my blog a few months ago and discovered this site just two weeks now, and wow…So grateful for you. Thanks for the post. awesome.. Carmel Gris Quentin

  4. Ihr Artikel ist lesenswert. Rena Saundra O’Driscoll

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